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COZMOS: Phase I/Ib trial of Combined 5’azacitidine and carboplatin for recurrent/refractory paediatric brain and solid tumours

Brain and solid tumours

Status: Open | NSW , QLD , VIC , WA , SA

New treatment options for children with relapsed and recurrent brain and solid tumours is limited. Recent research shows that many of  these tumours have a general change in their DNA (methylation), and altering methylation may stop the tumours. This international trial will test the safety of treating children with a methylation inhibitor (azacitidine) and a standard chemotherapy drug (carboplatin), in the first step of exploring this new treatment option.

Disease stage: Relapsed and recurrent cancers

Patient age range: 1-18 years old

Trial sponsors:

  • National: ANZCHOG
  • International: Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto.

Read more at the Clinical Trial Registry 

ANZCHOG acknowledges the valuable support of COZMOS by the Australian Brain Cancer Mission