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INTER-EWING- 1: INTERnational scientific program in clinical research to improve outcomes of newly diagnosed EWING sarcoma – trial 1

Ewing Sarcoma

Status: In Development

Ewing Sarcoma (ES) is a rare cancer of the bone and soft tissue that is most commonly diagnosed in adolescents and young adults. Current treatment protocols involve chemotherapy, surgery and/ or radiotherapy, which produces a 5-year survival rate 65-75%. There is a possibility of life-long side effects, including further disease. Patients that are diagnosed when the cancer has already spread (metastasised) or have experienced a recurrence of their disease have a much lower chance of survival.

This study will examine if changing treatment at three key points can improve survival for patients diagnosed with ES. These changes are:

  1. Combining a new drug (regorafenib) with chemotherapy
  2. Refining radiotherapy treatment/doses
  3. Adding further chemotherapy at the end of treatment.

Disease Stage – Newly diagnosed

Patient Age Range – 2 to 50 years of age

Trial sponsors

National – ANZCHOG

International – University of Birmingham

ANZCHOG acknowledges the valuable support of INTER-EWING1 by Canteen Australia’s Australian Young Cancer Patient Clinical Trials Initiative, which is supported by the Commonwealth Department of Health via the Medical Research Future Fund, The Kids' Cancer Project and the Cooper Rice-Brading Foundation, the Australian Government's Medical Research Future Fund (through the 2021 Rare Cancers, Rare Diseases and Unmet Need MRF2015073) and our clinical collaborators Australia and New Zealand Sarcoma Association (ANZSA) supported by their philanthropic partner the GPA Andrew Ursini Charitable Fund.