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rEECur: An international randomised controlled trial of chemotherapy for the treatment of recurrent and primary refractory Ewing sarcoma

Sarcoma: Ewing sarcoma

Status: Open | NSW , QLD , VIC , WA , SA , New Zealand

This trial aims to discover which is the most successful treatment for a child or young person who has relapsed with Ewing Sarcoma. Currently, it is not known which chemotherapy drug combination provides the most successful treatment for a child or young person who has relapsed. This trial, the first of its kind world-wide, aims to find out which course of treatment is the most effective and with the least side effects.

The trial allows for three different chemotherapy drug combinations to be randomly given to each child or young person. These drug combinations are called ‘treatment arms’. There are some exclusions based on a number of factors including what treatment the child or young person has already received. To be included the child or young person needs to be eligible for at least 2 treatment arms.

Disease Stage: Recurrent or primary refractory

Patient Age Range: >4 years to <50 years

Sample Size: 600

Trial Sponsors:

  • International: University of Birmingham
  • National: ANZCHOG in partnership with ANZSA

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ANZCHOG acknowledges the vital support of the Accelerated Research Investment – Teen Cancer funded through the Australian Government Medical Research Future Fund in conjunction with CanTeen