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Community partner – Super Max & Bryce

The Super Max & Bryce Project

During International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month ANZCHOG will be highlighting the work of our community partners throughout this month, sharing their inspirational stories and events.

The Super Max & Bryce project spreads love, hope, happiness and comfort to children in treatment for cancer in Australia and New Zealand through gifts of Super Max the Turtle night lights. These special night lights are designed to be easily sanitised so they can be taken to even the strictest of hospital environments to help bring peaceful, healthy and healing sleep to children in treatment.

The project was started in 2016 by a nine-year-old named Bryce from the Gold Coast of Australia. As Bryce watched his mom go through multiple cancer related surgeries and a rigorous cancer treatment program, he couldn’t imagine how scary it would be to be a child going through the same thing. At the age of nine, Bryce was still scared of the dark. He was so inspired by the Super Max the Turtle night light design that he decided to take action. His initial goal was to raise enough to gift six turtle night lights. By the end of 2016, Bryce had raised enough money to give 244 turtle night lights. Through connections made by our team at ANZCHOG, Bryce and his family visited all eight of the children’s oncology and haematology hospitals in Australia gifting the night lights to children in treatment. In 2017, Bryce extended his goal and raised enough to give one to every single child who was diagnosed with cancer in Australia.

Inspired to do more, Bryce’s goal for every year moving forward has been to not only give a Super Max the Turtle to every child diagnosed with cancer in Australia and New Zealand (that’s 1,000 night lights a year) but also to raise enough to give every superparent/carer a small star-covered and love-filled gift. It is his hope that the stars help to bring light and warmth into what can often be a dark and isolating journey for superhero children and their parents/carers.

Through these stars, we are all connected with love, hope, happiness and comfort.