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MyeChild 01 Milestone: 100 Australian and New Zealand patients

We are delighted to announce that over 100 Australian and New Zealand children have been a part of the international MyeChild 01 trial!

MyeChild is a randomised phase III clinical trial for children with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML), examining which of the current AML treatments combined with a novel drug (gemtuzumab) will provide the best chance of survival.

“It is great to see so many Australian and New Zealand children accessing this promising agent, which is only available through the MyeChild trial. We are continuing to collaborate with our international colleagues to ensure that our children have the opportunity to participate in clinical trials involving novel drugs here in Australia and New Zealand, and are a part of improving survival for children diagnosed with rare cancers.”

Associate Professor Andy Moore, MyeChild Australian Principal Investigator

Funded by My Room – Children’s Cancer Charity

Fast facts:

  • Over 50 children in Australia and New Zealand are diagnosed with AML each year. Although most patients initially respond to treatment, approximately 40% will relapse. Almost half of these children, along with those that do not respond to the initial treatment, will die.
  • MyeChild 01 will demonstrate which of our current treatments combined with gemtuzumab will provide the best chance of survival. The trial is also assessing whether 1 or 3 doses of gemtuzumab during initial therapy is most effective. Each patient is stratified to ensure that children at high risk of relapse will receive higher intensity treatment options. The study will also investigate if additional markers or genetic changes can be identified which will indicate how a child with AML will respond to treatment and/or their chances of survival.
  • The international sponsor for MyeChild 01 trial is the Cancer Research UK Clinical Trials Unit at the University of Birmingham, and has recruited patients from Europe, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.
  • ANZCHOG is the national sponsor and National Coordinating Centre for MyeChild 01 for Australian and New Zealand centres.

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