Australian & New Zealand Childrens Haematology/Oncology Group


Paediatric Biomedical Imaging Initiative 2nd Annual Research Symposium 

26th of February 2021

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is holding a day-long virtual symposium featuring the evolving role of imaging in betterment of paediatric cancer survivorship.

Speakers will focus on topics including neuroimaging, imaging in cardio-oncology and surveillance for second malignancies. 

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  1. Discuss evolving role of imaging of cancer survivors to improve outcomes and quality of life for both the survivors and supporting caregivers.
  2. Discuss role of imaging for second primary malignancy in the context of genetics and epidemiology.
  3. Discuss patient experience regarding how imaging affects cancer survivorship journey.
  4. Describe neuroimaging correlates of cognitive changes following initial cancer treatment.
  5. Explain how to do state-of-the-art imaging for evaluation of cardiac function following initial cancer therapy.

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