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Cancer Society Tissue Bank, Christchurch NZ

The Cancer Society Tissue Bank (CSTB) underpins cancer research using human samples. The samples are provided through a collection process that is ethically, legally, culturally and scientifically sound.  The bank is a collaboration involving the University of Otago, Christchurch, the Canterbury District Health Board and the Canterbury/West Coast division of the Cancer Society New Zealand.

The Cancer Society Tissue Bank provides tissues as well as clinicopathological data to researchers. Only samples that have pre-analytical conditions that will best support the proposed molecular analysis are selected.

The Cancer Society Tissue Bank supports cancer research:

  • Since 1996 over 9000 adult and paediatric patients have become donors
  • A number of donors have donated multiple times over the course of their disease and treatment
  • Many samples have now accrued 5 year and 10+ year clinical follow up data, enhancing the value of research outputs
  • More than 60 studies have used complex sample and data sets from the bank
  • More than 10,000 samples of frozen tissue, paraffin blocked tissue, serum, plasma and DNA have been accessed

The Cancer Society Tissue Bank offers our donors culturally appropriate tissue handling and final disposal with a karakia (blessing). A service for the karakia is held annually in the hospital chapel.

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