Australian & New Zealand Childrens Haematology/Oncology Group

Supporters & Partners

In the pursuit of improving outcomes for children and adolescents with cancer, we are proud to partner with the following organisations.

Their support is vital to our ongoing work in Australia and New Zealand.

Australian Government – Medical Research Future Fund, Cancer Australia, NHMRC

Established by the Australian Government in 2006, Cancer Australia works to benefit all Australians affected by cancer and their families and carers, by reducing the impact of cancer and improving the wellbeing of those diagnosed by ensuring that evidence informs cancer prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment and supportive care. ANZCHOG is supported by Cancer Australia through their Support For Cancer Clinical Trials program to build the capacity of Australia to undertake high quality clinical cancer trials, as well as several trial-specific grants. Visit Website

In addition, the Australian Government supports ANZCHOG through their competitive research funding schemes, with ANZCHOG securing grants to conduct clinical trials from the Medical Research Future Fund and the National Health & Medical Research Council.

Financial Markets Foundation for Children

This Foundation is supported by participants of Australia’s financial community, receiving both corporate and individual donations to fund research programs and a wide range of other projects designed specifically to improve the health, welfare and well-being of the future of Australia – our children.

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The Kids’ Cancer Project

A leading national charity funding childhood cancer research. Thanks to generous community support, more than $27 million has been invested into projects across Australia. The Kids’ Cancer Project is committed to achieving one hundred per cent survival for all kids with cancer, with minimal or no side effects.

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The Robert Connor Dawes Foundation

Inspired by a big heart and brain, the Robert Connor Dawes Foundation was created in June 2013 in the memory of Robert “Connor” Dawes. They are battling paediatric brain tumours and supporting brain matters in the areas of research, care and development – to fund the science to end brain cancer and support patients in the meantime.

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Children’s Cancer Foundation

Founded by parents who fought for their children to be allowed to be children, The Children’s Cancer Foundation supports families through treatment, partners with hospitals to deliver clinical excellence and builds world-class paediatric cancer clinical research.

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My Room Children’s Cancer Charity

My Room Children’s Cancer Charity is a volunteer led organisation, working together to support patients and families affected by cancer, without bureaucracy. Over the past 28 years they have raised over 24 million dollars to fun support for patient and families, medical equipment, clinical care, research and trials. Together we can beat childhood cancer.

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Cure Brain Cancer Foundation

The leading organisation for brain cancer research, advocacy and awareness in Australia, Cure Brain Cancer Foundation has a time-critical mission to increase five-year survival from the current 20 per cent to 50 per cent by 2023. With a strong patient focus they forge global collaborations, fund innovative research and are bringing world-class clinical trials to Australia to give children and adults with brain cancer access to new treatments faster.

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Australian Communities Foundation

Australian Communities Foundation is a community of giving, powered by a courageous ambition: a fairer and more sustainable Australia. As a broker of change, we connect those who can give with the people and organisations leading the way.

With more than 25 years of experience in catalysing positive social change, they make philanthropy easy and accessible for people from all walks of life, all over Australia.

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Canteen supports 12-25 year-olds dealing with their own diagnosis, a close family member’s cancer or the death of a loved one. Their services also now extend to parents, because when they cope better with cancer and communicate openly, their children are likely to experience less distress and anxiety.

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Carrie’s Beanies 4 Brain Cancer Foundation

Carrie’s Beanies 4 Brain Cancer mission is to raise funds for vital brain cancer research. Approximately 1,600 Australians will be diagnosed with brain cancer this year and of them 80% will die. These are fathers, mothers, children, brothers, sisters and friends.  Currently there is no cure. Brain cancer survival rates haven’t changed in 30 years.

We need to increase survival rates and the only way to achieve this is through vital research. Together we can make a difference in the fight against brain cancer.

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Children’s Tumour Foundation – Conquering NF

Everybody strives to live well—happily, healthily, fully. The Children’s Tumour Foundation believes tumours should never be a person’s normal, so they are on a mission to #CONQUERNF. NF is a life-long genetic condition with few treatment options and no cure.

The Children’s Tumour Foundation exists to provide a pathway from fear to hope by investing in promising research, advocating for better resources and empowering individuals and their families with knowledge, connections and support needed at every stage of their journey.

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Flicker of Hope

The Flicker of Hope Foundation has been established to raise much needed funds for research into Neurofibromatosis. The Flicker of Hope Foundation has raised over $600,000 in just two years. 100% of this amount will be used to fund essential research into NF.

Every dollar commit to Flicker of Hope will shine.

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Isabella & Marcus Foundation

Isabella and Marcus lost their lives to a little-known brain cancer called Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG). This cancer occurs in the brainstem, most frequently in children under the age of 12 years and offers no prospect of long-term survival. Most children die within a year of diagnosis. Isabella’s and Marcus’ families were brought together by their tragedies. They are like-minded in their pursuit to extend and improve the quality of life for children diagnosed with brainstem tumours and ultimately to find a cure.

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Love for Lachie – Supporting Children’s Brain Cancer Research

Love for Lachie has been established by the Muldoon family and friends in memory of our beautiful and courageous boy Lachie Muldoon.

There message is of hope and support for those still fighting this insidious disease that is brain cancer. They aim to raise funds to support research work to assist in the continual development and application of personalised medicine and immunotherapy, as the way forward to finding a cure for brain cancer patients and helping create the miracles that are so desperately needed.

Leukemia Foundation logo

The Leukaemia Foundation

It all began in the 1970s, when the Lions Leukaemia Foundation of Queensland realised more could be done to save lives from leukaemia. Since then, the organisation has grown to become the Leukaemia Foundation of Australia, and there’s now more than 100 different types of blood cancer – but our shared determination to save and change lives has never been stronger.

They may have leukaemia in their name but the Leukaemia Foundation stands with Australia to help cure and conquer every blood cancer – with care.

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Luminesce Alliance

Luminesce Alliance is shaping the health care of children by investing in excellent research so that all our children can live healthy and productive lives. There mission is to have a voice on the state, national and international platform, so that the research is disseminated and implemented to directly improve the health of children.

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Minderoo Foundation

Minderoo Foundation is a modern philanthropic organisation. They take on tough, persistent issues with the potential to drive massive change.

Minderoo Foundation is independent, forward thinking and seeks effective, scalable solutions. They are proudly Australian, and one of Asia’s largest philanthropies, with AUD $2 billion committed to a range of global initiatives. They partner and share information globally to reduce the incidence of cancer, accelerate development of breakthrough therapies, and empower patients, scientists and clinicians to strive for a world where cancer is a treatable, non-fatal disease.

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Snowdome Foundation

The Snowdome Foundation has a single purpose – to fund blood cancer research, accelerating next-generation treatments to help Australians with blood cancer to live longer, better lives. They are dedicated to making hope real.

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Wayne Francis Charitable Trust

Wayne Francis Charitable Trust  are a philanthropic family organisation committed to making a positive, and lasting contribution to our community of Ōtautahi and the greater Canterbury Region. WFCT is a pro-interactive grantmaker, they invest in people and initiatives to nurture, grow and empower tamariki and rangatahi in Ōtautahi.

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QR Lawyers

This boutique law firm offers services in the corporate and commercial area. The extensive experience of their partners ensures a long-term commercial relationship and the provision of practical advice on a range of contractual and other commercial law matters to clients ranging from multinational public companies to privately owned concerns.

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Haines Muir Hill

This accounting, business advisory and financial planning firm provides quality personal services to the SME and family business sector. They are committed to providing high quality, practical and pragmatic advice, assisting clients in running their businesses and enhancing their wealth and lifestyle.

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Super Max & Bryce

Initially sparked by the compassion, commitment to others and enthusiasm of a young boy named Bryce, this is now a global community of people working together to give a Super Max the Turtle night light to every child diagnosed with cancer in Australia and New Zealand.

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Clinical Oncological Society of Australia (COSA)

The peak national body representing multidisciplinary health professionals whose work encompasses cancer control and care. COSA members are doctors, nurses, scientists and all allied health professionals involved in the clinical care of children, adolescents and adult cancer patients.

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