Australian & New Zealand Childrens Haematology/Oncology Group


Australian Paediatric Immunotherapy Conference

28th – 29th of April 2023

The Inaugural Australian Paediatric Immunotherapy Conference (APIC) will bring together local, national and international experts to discuss the potential of immunotherapy for childhood diseases. The conference will provide an opportunity for clinicians, scientists, industry partners, and all with an interest in Paediatric Immunotherapy research to share knowledge and build valuable connections.

Keynote speakers for APIC2023 will invoice Prof Dario Campana (National University of Singapore) and Prof Lieping Chen (Yale University).

The first day of the conference will be held in conjunction with Asia-Pacific Vaccine and Immunotherapy Congress at Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre on 28 April and include

  • Joint session “Immune microenvironment and immune modulation” from 2pm-4pm.
  • Keynote Lecture:
    • Lieping Chen, Yale University, Yale University, USA
    • Laura Mackay, Univerity of Melbourne (Doherty Institute), Australia
    • Paul Ekert, Children’s Cancer Institute, Australia
    • Di Yu, University of Queensland, Australia
      The regulation of immune-related adverse events (irAEs) in immune checkpoint inhibition

The second day, 29 April will be held at the Emporium Hotel, Brisbane.

  • Session: Immune cell therapy for paediatric cancer
  • Keynote Lecture:
    • Dario Campana, National University of Singapore, Singapore
    • Siok Tey, QIMR Berghofer, Australia
    • Fernando Guimaraes, University of Queensland, Australia
      Enhancing natural killer cell targeting of paediatric sarcomas
    • Rajiv Khanna, QIMR Berghofer, Australia
    • David Deambrosis, Queensland Children’s Hospital and Health Service, Australia
  • Session: New Investigator Symposium, Sponsored by Frazer Family Foundation
  • Session: Systems Immunology for Children Immunotherapy
  • Keynote Lecture:
    • Marcel Nold, Monash University, Australia
      Interventional Immunology for Early Life Disease
    • Mingyan Fang, BGI Research-Asia and Pacific, China
      Identifying causative genes and enhancing understanding of pathogenic mechanisms through genomic and immune repertoire studies
    • Simon Jiang, Australian National University, Australia
      Using personalised medicine to understand and treat complex autoimmunity
    • Kristen Radford, Mater Research Institute, Australia
      Next generation immunotherapies for childhood cancer and reliable models to test them in
    • Kelvin Tuong, University of Queensland, Australia
      Single-cell analysis of adaptive immune receptors in disease and development

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