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RELIVE: International registry for paediatric patients with relapsed or refractory hepatoblastoma or hepatocellular carcinoma

Hepatoblastoma/ hepatocellularcarcinoma

Long-term outcome for patients with refractory or relapsed HB, HCC, and HCN-NOS is unsatisfactory. The international consortium currently conducting the PHITT trial plans to incorporate treatment guidelines and data acquisition for relapsed and refractory patients in a prospective fashion as part of a second-generation protocol. To guide writing of this future proposal, the RELIVE consortium is proposing a retrospective collection of data regarding recently utilized treatment regimens as well as short- and long-term patient outcomes. Anecdotal information is insufficient; therefore, we propose to retrospectively collect cases in a central registry allowing for a systematic overview and statistical assessment of the various approaches used.

  1. To achieve an overview of the past approaches and recent developments in the treatment of refractory or relapsed HB, HCC or HCN NOS in children, and
  2. To investigate the short- and long-term outcomes inpatients treated with these regimens in order to identify the most promising treatment approaches for this patient cohort.

Disease Stage: n/a

Patient Age Range: < 18 years at first diagnosis of liver tumour

Trial sponsors

  • National – ANZCHOG
  • International – Geneva University Hospital

ANZCHOG acknowledges the valuable support of RELIVE by The Kids Cancer Project.