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SJ ELiOT: Phase 1 Evaluation of LY2606368, a CHK inhibitor, in combination with cyclophosphamide or gemcitabine for children & adolescents with recurrent medulloblastoma tumours.

Brain cancer: Medulloblastoma

Currently, children with medulloblastoma that do not respond to conventional therapy have no available treatment options. Chemotherapy used for medulloblastoma treatment works by breaking DNA strands. However, this triggers a repair response involving enzymes called cell cycle checkpoint kinases (CHK1/2). Prexasertib is a drug that stops CHK1/2 from inducing the DNA repair. Pre-clinical work from an Australian research laboratory has shown that using prexasertib helps traditional chemotherapy agents to work in mice models of the disease. This international trial will provide important safety and initial data to explore if this treatment option can slow or reduce the growth of the medulloblastoma.

Disease stage: Recurrent, refractory and progressive disease

Patient age range: 1-25 years old

Trial sponsors:

  • National: ANZCHOG
  • International: St Jude Children’s Research Hospital

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ANZCHOG acknowledges the valuable support of SJ EliOT by the Australian Brain Cancer Mission and Carrie's Beanies for Brain Cancer