Australian & New Zealand Childrens Haematology/Oncology Group


Team Telomere Scientific Summit

8th – 11th July 2024

Team Telomere invites you to the Team Telomere Scientific Summit 2024: Tying the Laces Together.

Analogous to the aglets of our bootlaces, we will tie the laces of Telomere Biology Disorder research and patient experience together at this dynamic convening covering topics ranging from bench to bedside. Join experts from around the globe in the mountains of Idaho where we will climb together toward our goals of improved diagnosis, management, and treatments.

Our mission is rooted in accelerating the medical and scientific community’s research in finding causes, effective treatments, and a path towards a cure. This is an exciting and opportunistic time in the research of Telomere Biology Disorders. The medical and research advancements in this field over the past decade have been exponential, directly impacting the management and treatment of patients. In tandem, advocacy has paved the way for heightened awareness, education, Diagnosis and Management Guidelines, patient-driven research, and international collaboration.

The Team Telomere Scientific Summit 2024 will propel progress by addressing the crucial and latest areas in the field, fostering collaboration, and uniting an international community of TBD experts.

For more information, visit the Team Telomere website.