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Zero Childhood Cancer Nature Medicine Paper Published

The Zero Childhood Cancer National Personalised Medicine Program (ZERO) is delivering significant outcomes for children in Australia with the most aggressive cancers, who in many cases have no other treatment options available.

The findings from ZERO, which aims to find the most-likely-to-succeed personalised treatment recommendations for children with high risk cancer, has been reported in a paper published in the prestigious journal Nature Medicine (6th October).

ZERO uses state of the art technology to test each child’s tumour with a comprehensive suite of genetic tests to find a therapy that can potentially treat the cancer. This testing is completed within a clinically relevant timeframe of under 9 weeks on average, with 70% of the children obtaining a recommendation for a new potential treatment option. Of these recommendations, 32% of children received the recommended therapy, with promising results.

ZERO is led by Children’s Cancer Institute and Kids Cancer Centre at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick, and the ZERO national clinical trial is sponsored by ANZCHOG.

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